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Walkabout ChefsThe Northern Territory of Australia produces superb tropical seafood, both wild-caught and harvested from aquaculture.

Professional fishers who work in NT waters roam over an area twice the size of Victoria or roughly the size of Spain, producing $60 million worth of food a year from some of the cleanest and most pristine waters on Earth.

Their interesting stories are inside this book, accompanied by exquisite photographs that take you to many of the Territory's more remote habitats.

Eighty delicious seafood recipes pay homage to these fishers as well as a remarkable marine resource - Northern Territory seafood.




Walkabout ChefsTOP END takes even the best-travelled readers to places they haven't been, to meet Australians they are unlikely to encounter. With over 300 images and 20,000 words of text, the book shows why David is so enamoured with this extraordinary part of the world.

"For me, the Top End encompasses all that is wonderful in life – magnificent scenery and wildlife, dramatic weather, vibrant Aboriginal culture and innovative peoplepursuing interesting lives. Other parts of Australia have these attributes but nowhere are they brought together in such dynamic fashion as the Top End."





Walkabout ChefsWalkabout Chefs gives an insight to Aboriginal culture through food. This book takes the reader to a variety of regions - coastal, riverine and desert. It explores how Aboriginal interacted with the environment to survive and prosper and how, today, bush tucker still plays a large part in their diet.







A Vision FulfilledA Vision Fulfilled is about construction of the railway line between Alice Springs and Darwin, one of the last great engineering projects of the world. Over 100 years in the planning, and one of the great dreams to link northern and southern Australia by rail, the AustralAsia Railway Line was completed in 2001, providing Australia with a land bridge to Asia. This books explores how 21st century engineering and construction finally fulfilled one of Australia's greatest dreams.







The Top EndThe Top End published by Australian Geographic, is the most authroative book on the region. Written and photographed by David Hancock, this book is sadly out of print after selling 15,000 copies. A new Top End book is planned for the end of 2010.